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Spacemen At Large: Friendship Dinner!

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If anyone is ever curious about how these wacky couples first met, I have a whole fan-fiction written about it. Wait, not fan-fiction, just regular fiction.

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Posted 22:25
Mon 31 March
by captainmisc

So I know you guys love it when I do this, but I'm going to stop doing the gag-a-day for a while in favor of a story arc. It'll be less joke heavy, but still be lighthearted enough to fit with the tone of the comic so far. People who follow on tumblr and facebook probably recognize the story on this page as I've posted it there before. Well, this is all new art, and I've re-worked the intro chapter a bit more in my head, so expect more new to come in the next week or two.
Woah, a news update? I must be serious this time.

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